My wife and I visited a slave plantation about two years ago while on vacation in New Orleans.  The visit inspired me to write a novel Black Republicans. Due to my editor’s strong suggestion, the title was changed to Exposed: Humanity Craves Power.  While happy about the October 2020 release date, a part of me remains indifferent to the name change. I think that is because, if I must admit, I am angry on the inside. I’m mad and disappointed at the Democratic Party, and more importantly, I am disappointed at my political education from school. After discovering some truths, while researching my book, I feel like someone has slapped my face and outright lied to me. Here’s why.

When I started writing my book, the research showed that there were 9.3 million African Americans incarcerated.  This compared to 3.9 million black slaves at the time of the Civil War. Considering how the big surge in black incarceration came after Joe Biden’s Crime Law, I became curious about the Democratic record concerning African Americans – it is deplorable.  Interestingly enough, the black incarceration rate per year as of 2019 numbers is at a 20 year low.  41% of the Democratic Senate voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Their numbers nearly tripled the Republican “Nay” votes.  Less than 1% of registered Republicans owned slaves before the Civil War.  That number represented approximately 0.005% of all slave owners.  In fact, there were more black slave owners than Republican slave owners. The Republican party led the abolitionist movement.  Democrats, as a party consensus, opposed the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to The Constitution.  The topic of making lynching a federal crime came up and failed over 150 times – not even an African American president thought enough to push it through.  These are just a few examples but not the slap in the face.

When I started getting hit with so many emails and Facebook ads of candidates soliciting my money, I was initially insulted.  I did not understand why I should give money to a better-off person than me, or why I should help that person get a job that pays 600% of what I’m earning per year.  Then I learned that for a Democratic candidate to have access to televised Democratic National Debates, the candidates needed to meet specific qualifications.  One of the few requirements was that each candidate had to raise a set number of dollars from donations.  Wow – the American people have to pay millions from their personal income to see the candidate they support debate against the others.  But this was not the slap in my face. When Senator Kamala Harris dropped out of the race, she was one of the largest fundraisers.  She did not stay around for the Iowa Caucuses; nor did she refund her donors. That would be a novel idea.  

What did she do with the millions? 

What does the law say she must do with the money?  Give it back? No chance.  The candidates who drop out can donate the money to other candidates or keep it to help their next campaign.  In other words, the money belongs to them.   – No slap yet.

When Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2016, I paid close attention to the setup.  At first, I thought no one would run against her.  Biden threw his hat in the ring and gave a half-assed effort.  I think we all assumed that Clinton was setup to be the next president when Obama gave her a job that she was in no way qualified to handle.  Then she made a debacle of it. Her husband owed her big time for the B-job he received that led to his impeachment. She put in her time, endured the political bulls**t and now was her turn – that’s all there was to it.  I can even respect that.  However, I could not shake the feeling that the election was set up.  I thought that perhaps the Clintons had bought off all the reasonable candidates until Bernie Sanders announced he would run for the Democratic nomination.  Now things became interesting.

But it was too late; there was so much I didn’t understand then, but I became interested in the system of delegates, specifically the superdelegates.  While I sat down with my family at a suburban Chicago restaurant, I read that Clinton had some 200 promised superdelegates to Sanders’ 0.  I smelled a rat.  I started to research the organization called the Democratic National Committee.  I read about the DNC history and found something that interested me a lot.  It dealt with the Nixon election and Watergate.  While the scandal was the centerpiece of the discussion, it was surprising that the DNC had changed their operations to become more inclusive just before the election.  In other words, they couldn’t stomach Nixon’s first victory, so they adjusted.  These adjustments allowed for a progressive candidate to win the DNC nomination. However, when Nixon won by a historic landslide, the DNC was crushed and demoralized.  They adjusted again, giving superdelegates the power to vote for the candidate they chose – free from any state obligation.  The superdelegates were also selected from the party elite members, creating a fraternity of private voters. They represented up to 15% of the delegate count.  If united behind one candidate, these voters could counterbalance the votes from delegates compelled to vote as their districts and states populations chose. 

In other words, the DNC created a system of superdelegates that could select a candidate different from the one chosen by the people.

Unless Sanders – who was late in the game – could win 59% of the delegates, he had no chance of winning the nomination. Over 500 superdelegates were set to vote in favor of Hillary Clinton.  This was the open hand, but not the slap.  

In school, we’re sold the fantasy of democracy, but the word republic is used in our Constitution.  We do not live in a democracy – this is more of an oligarchy.  The votes of the population have such a small impact. Still, we believe otherwise. Meanwhile, politicians can raise millions of dollars from us. At the same time, we are misled into thinking the election process is fair and evenhanded.   The last 5 years of research have shown that my financial contribution is more important than my vote.  

The slap in my face came when I stumbled across a court case in which the Democratic National Committee had to defend its case in a class action suit.  The claim was that the DNC misled its voters to believe that primary elections were impartially and evenhandedly run, when they were not.  Well, perhaps they were – depending on how you choose to define the terms.    In short, a DNC memo stated that Hilary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC campaign would be one in the same.  The document went so far as to outline how both campaigns would coordinate. Their goal was to choose Hilary Clinton as their nominee and to influence the Republican primaries to promote Donald Trump.  They thought Donald Trump was the easiest Republican candidate to defeat. They wanted him to win the Republican nomination. The memo stated that they should avoid marginalizing Trump and have the media take him seriously.  

In the court record, the DNC’s lawyer admitted that the Committee violated its charter and by-laws by favoring Hillary Clinton.  The lawyers also told the court that there was no legal remedy or jurisdiction the circuit court could hold over the subject.  In other words, the DNC said we did it, and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

The lawyers practically stated that, “We can go into a backroom, smoke cigars, and chose whoever we want as our standard-bearer, regardless of how the people think their votes matter.”

Ouch! This was the slap.

It all made sense now, why every democratic candidate dropped out of the 2020 primary before Super Tuesday. 

There were too many candidates, and the people did not know who to vote for.  The only people sure about their candidate were the Sanders supporters.  After the progressives lost to Nixon by a landslide, the DNC decided they would never have a progressive nominee – even if voters wanted it. 

During the 2020 primaries, the party’s chance of beating Trump was contingent on consolidating against Sanders. The DNC did not believe Sanders could beat Trump and if you listen to Biden’s best explanation for why we should vote for him. “Because I can beat Trump.”  

The DNC won the class action suit.  Now there is no stopping her.  I am convinced she will manipulate every primary election with uncontested boldness, and American – mostly minorities – will eat it up.  This is a sad reality.  It is also evident that I cannot support such a party that has historically hidden its immoral face behind sheep’s clothing.  Now, the dress is off. The DNC is a wolf, and there is nothing you can do about it.

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