“Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.”

This is my favorite line from the British film Snatch, produced by Matthew Vaughn. One of the characters, Bullet Tooth Toney, delivers the line when he catches would-be gangsters, Vincent and Sol, meandering away in the get-away car. 

I thought about this line many times over the last few weeks as I watched the three-ring circus we audaciously call American politics.

Coming November 2020.

Warning: This blog may offend Democratic supporters. I can just imagine Democratic party leaders sitting around a conference table laughing. Joe Biden raises a glass to toast. He utters the phrase that should dominate the Democratic National Committee mission statement; “Thank God for the predictability of stupidity.” Tom Perez, Karen Carter Peterson, Michael Blake, Grace Meng, and Kamala Harris collectively lift their glasses. “Here, here,” they say. 

While my heart goes out to Breonna Taylor’s family, I am miffed at how democratic supporters connect her death to Donald Trump’s administration. Like most African Americans, Louisville’s disheartened people are so uneducated on American politics that they ignore specific facts. Louisville has both a democratic mayor and governor. The people of Louisville place no fault in their local leaders, and there is absolutely no logic in their support for the democratic party. Consequently, DNC leaders understand that there is no need to appeal to the African American sense of logic. “They are emotional people,” Tom Perez declares while writing a million-dollar check, sending a portion of the sixty million dollars raised by Joe Biden to Andy Beshear. The Louisville governor will use it to finance his re-election campaign. Perez doubts that Kentucky will flip to a blue state, but he implores the governor with the words “Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.” 

As my wife conducts a study on the African American church’s diminished role inside Black communities, I was privileged to hear part of a sermon performed by Reverend Howard John Wesley. He “educated”– or miseducated– his African American audience, claiming that Donald Trump appointed 198 judges, and that among them, not one is African American. There is no other way to say it; the reverend LIED. Apparently, Stephanie Dawkins, the first black female judge appointed and confirmed by Trump, doesn’t count. I’m guessing the pastor has a different definition of what it means to be a “black” judge.

Interestingly, her confirmation had only one vote against her – a Democrat from Hawaii. Aside from that, several Democrats did not vote at all. Furthermore, it would have been “too much like right” for the minister to mention that the former president left close to 100 federal judge vacancies just after the November 2016 elections. Before Dawkins, Trump attempted to appoint five black male judges who went unconfirmed. How many Democratic senators voted against them? I can imagine Karen Carter Peterson’s email to the Reverend Howard John Wesley.  Thank you for supporting the Democratic National Committee’s efforts to hoodwink your congregation. His reply, You’re welcome. His signature at the bottom of the email reads, Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

With the debate about whether or not Trump should appoint the next supreme court judge, I find it laughable to see what politicians have flipped sides on the issue. First of all, the president remains president until the next one is sworn in. (Someone should have told Obama this.) His obligations and oath of office are in effect until that date. Obama violated his oath by not appointing a justice. At that time, back in 2016, Joe Biden disagreed with Obama’s decision. It was in Washington D.C., 24 March 2016 when Biden said, “I would go forward with the confirmation progress … process as chairman.” That was just months before presidential election.” Needless to say, he has either changed his mind on that, or he doesn’t remember saying it. While the president is criticized for not attending John Lewis’ funeral and booed while attending Ruth Bader’s, Michael Blake is sipping his double short, no fat, no foam, nutmeg sprinkled latte. He’s holding his cup with his pinky finger extended. He smiles, setting down the cup, and whispers triumphantly. “You just can’t underestimate the predictability of stupidity.”

I don’t usually pollute my mind with morning drive talk shows, but on my way to the airport one day, I endured the Steve Harvey Morning Show although it insulted my intellect. During that broadcast, the host stated – in so many words – that black people were obligated to get out and vote for Joe Biden because he was the only guy to have “the courage” to select a black woman as his running mate. The radio host did not speak of the strategy involved. He made it seem as if the decision was Biden’s. Meanwhile, Grace Meng, a DNC committee member, pats herself on the back as she reflects on the first presidential primary debate when Harris attacked Biden for his connections with known racists. Harris propelled to the top of the candidates and raised millions of dollars. She alone was the thorn in Joe Biden’s shoe. 

“Are you watching this?” Tom Perez sends a text message.

“Yes,” Grace replies

“She’ll ruin everything for us. We have to shut her mouth before she gives Sanders more firepower.”

“I’ll get to work on it.”

Within months, Kamala Harris drops out of the race, pocketing approximately $10 million in cash. Media reports claim that Harris dropped out because she couldn’t do a simple thing like run for president and manage her campaign staff. There was too much infighting with her team. Now, according to Steve Harvey, she is a vice-presidential candidate because Joe Biden had “courage,” when in fact, he selected a person who doesn’t have the management skills to supervise the most essential team she’s ever built. What will she do with the Appropriations Committee or the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation?

Alongside Grace Meng sits two members of the Department of Justice, riding a limousine while the Steve Harvey Morning Show illuminates their hopes. The jokester clown speaks to millions of sheepishly exploited female followers and Grace can relish in the host’s bamboozling. She turns and smile at her DOJ friend. They think about how forcefully the Deep State will return. “It’ll be just like the Clinton days,” the DOJ Member says. She nods and turns to him. “Thank God for the predictability of stupidity.”

Somewhere in an airplane over the Midwest, Candace Owens hopes that her speech to a Jewish audience goes well. She will demonstrate how the Democratic Party has, for centuries, stymied African American economic and social growth. Ms. Owens wants to show them how the African American family unit has mainly deteriorated due to Democratic policies. She’s thinking about a recent tweet from rapper, Ice Cube.

Anybody telling you that you gotta vote; that it’s your duty; that you have to exercise the right, and that people died for you to vote; for one, people did die, but nobody walked out their house to go die for you to vote. They were killed by probably some racist that don’t wanna see us get anything. I’m saying that to say this. Be skeptical of anybody telling you to vote and not telling you to ask for anything or to tell you to just vote and not to get anything for your vote. That’s not how it works. That’s not the process. You don’t vote just to vote. You vote because you’re getting something or your community is getting something. So everybody that’s telling you that, man, look at them and say ‘what are you getting because people that just want you to vote and not ask for nothing, people that’s in power that wants you to vote but don’t want you to get anything or not askin’ for you to get anything ECONOMICALLY, they suspect.

Candace knows that Ice Cube’s message will not reach Baby Boomer of African American descent. They are the regular church goers who cherish traditional family values and their ancestor’s conservative ideals. They represent the muscle of the “Black Vote.” Candace looks through the window. She’s confused at how she’ll repeat Ice Cube’s crude message with a gentler conservative voice. She scratches her head perplexed at how she’ll make her voice or reason louder than the black preacher’s thunderous lies. Candace hopes to make African Americans see how their values and conservative values are one and the same. But she isn’t invited to speak at an African American megachurch in Chicago. Instead, she’s flying over it – heading for a concerned group of Jewish people.

Meanwhile, in Washington, the half-drained swamp begins to refill. Snakes and poisonous bugs are returning. They are all happy, but Ms. Owens wants to cry. She considers that her efforts are futile. She knows how to estimate the predictability of stupidity, but she can’t conquer it. Ms. Owens, my heart bleeds with you. 

See below the miseducation of Reverend Howard John Wesley.

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