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  Secrets can’t hide forever

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Horus Fitsroy sees the perfect opportunity on Wall Street and takes it. Officially a stock market genius, he heads a hostile acquisition of a company that crushed his father’s dream. Throw in a seven-figure income, a trophy wife, and a seemingly unstoppable race for a presidential nomination – Horus is every man’s dream.

But when Apollo Given, a failing journalist, stumbles across the Fitsroy’s shameful secret, Horus’ good fortune stops on a dime. Apollo learns that a long-forgotten secret society supports Horus. On the face, the Guddi Feex contributes to the nation’s growth and well-being, but their secret is more than what Apollo can bear. If he keeps it to himself, he breaks the journalist code, but exposing the secret society could cost him his life, fracture the election, and ultimately the nation. 

Saturated with wit, mystery, romance, and mind-blowing ideologies, Exposed: Humanity Craves Power intrigues to the last word. 

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The rich tapestry of historical events and world mythologies that Morris weaves is really something to behold. Men, Djinn, & Angels: Awakening is an intriguing beginning to what may prove to be a well-thought out, meticulously crafted, fictional commentary on modern society.   – Authors Talk About It

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Talib, a sixteen-year-old Palestinian, miraculously survives the Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre, a travesty that kills his father. Escaping the conflict in the Middle East, Talib is offered solace in the luxury of a wealthy family’s mansion home where he meets two enigmatic sisters, Kate and Fiona.  Despite their beauty, innocence and sophistication, these sisters are not at all what Talib imagined.  Their occult practices and devotion to a mission handed down to them by The Enlightened Titans, a fraternal secret society, throws Talib into a conflict between his Islamic upbringing and the cosmological possibility that there is more to the universe than what a religious text offers.

If this is not enough, Talib learns that there is more of himself to offer, and the two sisters may take it unless he volunteers it.

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