Men Djinn and Angels

ISBN : 9781532038990 & Ebook 9781532039003
Self Published : December, 2017
266 pages

Talib, a sixteen-year-old Palestinian, miraculously survives the Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre, a travesty that kills his father. Escaping the conflict in the Middle East, Talib is offered solace in the luxury of a wealthy family’s mansion home where he meets two enigmatic sisters, Kate and Fiona.  Despite their beauty, innocence and sophistication, these sisters are not at all what Talib imagined.  Their occult practices and devotion to a mission handed down to them by The Enlightened Titans, a fraternal secret society, throws Talib into a conflict between his Islamic upbringing and the cosmological possibility that there is more to the universe than what a religious text offers.

If this is not enough, Talib learns that there is more of himself to offer, and the two sisters may take it unless he volunteers it.

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I like the way real historical events are the back drop of the story. Morris, is creative in the way he showed a growing secret society through history and made real connections. I liked the conspiracies that are in the story.
– Caprisha Patterson


I was left hanging at the end. The story gives a very interesting point of view from the Palestinian perspective concerning the Middle East conflict. That is a very sad reality, that gripped my heart. I really fealty sad for Talib. I also wanted to do research on the historical connections because I am interested in knowing if the United Nations is part of a conspiracy from secret societies. If that is true and World War I was started in order to create the United Nations – WOW! The Central Banks, all of this is good stuff and I like how it fits together. I am interested in seeing where this will all lead.
– Kenneth Ware

Very interesting book