Exposed: Humanity Craves Power audio book. Release date January 1, 2023

Men, Djinn and Angels : Awakening rewrite

After reviewing the anticipated release of additional novels and short stories for the Men, Djinn and Angles series, I decided to rewrite the first novel Awakening. The rewrite will allow readers to connect more with the characters and lay down foundation for the following works. I hope to republish Men Djinn and Angles: Awakening by 2023. So far I like how its working out. I am sure the reader will enjoy it also.

Book give-away was a success!!!

I was inspired to write this novel after visiting a slave plantation in Louisiana. It was very interesting to learn how black slave owners tried to protect their homes from the Union Army.

Other News:

Nov. 24: The book is available for purchase for Black Friday

Nov 23: Just approved the final proofs

Nov 5: Back cover is created, interior design created. The last proof read begins 10 November 2020

Oct. 26: 110 votes to select the best book cover. Thank you for your votes. The black and red choice wins.

Oct 22: Down to three book covers. I must make a choice. Shout out to my cover designers

I’m writing a story line for a potential Men, Djinn and Angels video game.

Oct. 20: Men, Djinn and Angels: Awakening is now entered into The North Street Book Contest

Oct. 7: Choice Award winner

Sep.25: Second proof read complete.

Sep. 1: Quality Review complete Nomination for Choice Award

July 29: Line editing complete. Manuscript sent to Quality Review

June 20: Line editing starts

June 2: Fiona Jayde created the cover.

May 26: Editorial review complete – Exposed: Humanity Craves Power is nominated for the Choice Award

April 22: Lawyers say the content is free of liable –

April 2: Contract signed with IUniverse


Humanity Craves Power

November, 2020 release.

Here’s what Beta Readers think

“I’m getting to know your characters well and you’ve given them great personalities.” – Kat PP on characters.
“I loved this part. I absolutely was not expecting what happened during the initiation. I love both the surprise factor, and the way it was written. Very good job indeed.” –Anton Anderson on writing style.
“I gotta say, Apollo’s chapters are my favorite so far. Somehow, there’s a lot of energy in the way he approaches his job, and this scene has some really nice tension, which is impressive for something that technically isn’t dangerous (at least in the traditional sense).” – Ed Homazabal on Apollo