The Matrix film series portrays human beings as batteries that provide operating energy to machines. The symbolism in those films fits well with the Men, Djinn & Angel Theory. The possibility of energy conversion is not farfetched.  In fact, the Theory explores the possibility of human energy powering parallel universes.

The djinni, Agaliarept (some refer to it as demon) moves between these universes and observes the way humans function and react to their surroundings.  When the first people walked the earth, the djinn took interests in human physiology.  As the theory goes, Agaliarept watched Adam make love to Lilith.  The djinni noticed the spike in Adam’s energy. “Adam’s aura intensified,” he said to his conspirators.  Being the master of secrets and spiritual science, Agaliarept conducted enough human studies to discover truths that modern-day science is learning.  

As we cannot create or destroy energy, we must assume two things.  One: all the energy that is and was is only recycled.  Two: We are recycled energy created from the same primordial essence of djinn and angels.  Basic science tells us that energy only changes in form.  Agaliarept employs this truth to discover ways of extracting human energy for use in other realms such as the astral plane. Saddened by the destruction of his earth home and the subsequent shift of authority to men, Agaliarept hopes to rebuild a new world in the astral plane.  When a spiritual traveler reaches the astral plane, the traveler will see objects and other spirits.  These objects are, according to Men Djinn & Angel theory, created from extracted human energy.

The science supporting this theory lies in studies that seek to capture emotional reactivity through physiology.  Interested readers should consider studies documented in the Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing.  Stephanie Bulters and Martin Steinert published an article that explains the need for using human energy for interacting with machines and computers.  Their interest is in improving ways scientists use physiological sensors to capture emotional responses i.e., human energy.

Agaliarept had already discovered the ebb and flow of energy in men before human beings understood their primary eighteen emotional cycles.  We call it energy flux.  The better one can control his or her energy flux cycles, the better emotional positivity he or she has.  High positivity does not do well for djinn, as it allows men to formulate weapons against the recyclable energy that the djinn uses.  Emotional positivity has a balancing effect on a negative emotion, like fear or anger. 

For this reason, Agaliarept concluded that djinn should take charge of human emotional energy flow.  To induce as much human emotion as possible, they seek human victims to enrage, frighten, or depress. The easiest to victimize are teenagers. 

In Men, Djinn, and Angels: Initiation, Master Moses comes to this discovery when he reaches the emotional chambers in the astral plane.  These chambers, Agaliarept’s invention, lures teens inside where they are held captive to the djinn priest.  These chambers have windows that allow the teenage soul to peer into the astral plan. The priest moves from window to window encouraging rebellion and revenge.  These speeches, designed to enrage the teenaged victims, become symbolic of the dialogue we have with ourselves when we are angry.    

Saudadi spirits; masters of depression

The Saudadi spirits are ghost-like female djinn who sometimes play music to incite depression.  Usually, when a person is drunk and subjects him- or herself to sad, depressing music, the Saudadi spirts are present. Master Moses also finds these spirts at work. In the short story, Master Moses and the Saudadi Spirits, he mistakenly allows a saudadi to follow him from the astral plane to the material world.  There is a path of despond where the saudadi spirits usually reside.  It is adjacent to a field where archon spirits – like leaches – assail the inactive soul.  These parasites rob the soul of its energy and increase one’s desire to procrastinate.  In doing this, they drain one’s mental strength, inhibiting their ability to plan, study, or perform any other productive task. 

Archon spirits are the primary agents used to extract human energy from the grieved and depressed.  Their ability to suck one dry of will-power makes them dangerous to the human soul.  Since the wasted or extracted human energy isn’t destroyed, it gets recycled and condensed into astral matter.  This matter creates structures and other things not yet invented in the material world.  These feed into Plato’s world of forms. In this idea, the human soul, leaves the body during sleep, and moves freely through the various planes. When it encounters something unusual, the soul may remember and inspire the human mind to create a receptacle form of it.    

The corvish are the construction workers of the astral plane.  They are the grunts who harvest the recycled energy and mold it into building blocks.  In Men, Djinn, and Angels: Imposition, they make the error of building one edifice so high that it pushes through the astral plane into the angelic celestial plane – also called the Causal Plane.  When this happens, the angel Arariel comes to destroy the building.   There is a big fight as the corvish try to defend their creation.  

This isn’t the only time the corvish creates structures that infringe on other planes.  The Men, Djinn & Angels Theory asserts that dark matter in space is evidence of recycled energy.  Dark matter is invisible to the human physical eye.  However, the result of its presence is evident.  When light hits dark matter, it does not pass through it but curves around it.  The theory holds that the infringement of the djinn architecture on the material world is responsible for the expanding universe.  Between the molecules of our existence, djinn construction exists – expanding and pushing our world.  Such may affect the earth’s rotation.  The theory holds that the earth spins faster now than it did a thousand years ago – consider Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.  

Theory of relativity

While dark matter is not presently visible, it affects the distortion in space-time.  Imagine setting a heavy object on a trampoline. The weight of it would press into the fabric to create or dimple the center.  If we added a marble, sending it in a path around the massive object, it would spiral inward toward the heavy object.  The steeper the dip, the faster the object spirals.  The Men, Djinn & Angels Theory asserts that the imposition of dark matter increases the slope; thus, the world moves faster, and the years come and go quicker than before.  We wouldn’t definitively know or feel any difference – but somehow our souls know it every time we say, “It’s August, already.  Damn, where did the time go?”

Now you know. 

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