The novel, Men, Djinn, and Angels: Awakening is the first of many stories in the Men, Djinn & Angels saga. The storylines are too rich for me to go in-depth with the novels or with the short stories.  I thought it would be nice to share some of the underlined currents and philosophies that connect to them. 

The first theory deals with the time and physicality of the old earth and new.  Most people are familiar with the biblical account in Genesis, but I’d like to invite the reader to consider how it puzzles together with other possibilities.  First, let’s consider the amount of time passed between the first three verses.  

1. In the beginning, G-d created the heavens and the earth.

2.  Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of G-d was hovering over the waters. 

3.  And G-d said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

When I read City of God by St. Augustine, I became familiar with an interesting thesis that suggests the word darkness was figurative language for evil – the evil spirits or fallen angels. The call for light was a call for the sinless angels to take action against the darkness.  

The hole in St. Augustine’s theory is in his attempt to rationalize how the perfect and Holy Creator, having no evil in Him, created angels that sin.  If we accept that angels fell from grace and committed sin, we have to accept that the Creator made them flawed.  How could a perfect Creator create imperfectly? St. Augustine spent dozens of pages trying to explain, but in the end, the fallen angel theory meets a roadblock. 

I looked to Islamic theory regarding angels and demons. In Islam, the consensus is that demons and djinn are the same. The fallen angel theory does not exist. Islam provides a reasonable approach based on the idea that the Creator made djinn separately from the angels. Islamic theory also suggests that angels have no will power and are unable to make choices to disobey a command from the Creator. Djinn, on the other hand, were created with the ability to reason. As a result, djinn have free will.  

In Men, Djinn & Angels Theory, more than a thousand years passed between Genesis verses one and two. During that time, the djinn inhabited the earth, developed their sects and cultures. We have support for this theory in theosophy.  The proponents of theosophy believe that millions of years ago, the earth was inhabited by other life forms – Lemurian and Atlanteans.  The Men, Djinn & Angels Theory agrees with St. Augustine’s assertion that many years passed between Genesis verses one and two. Theosophy fills in that gap.  

Men, Djinn, & Angels Theory suggests that Atlanteans were djinn living on earth. This beautiful female Atlantean used white magic and endangered the multiverse.

Theosophy attributes more sophisticated abilities to the Lemurians and Atlanteans than the current man. These abilities include telepathy, advanced spiritual skills that allow travel into the astral plane and immortality. According to The Men, Djinn, & Angels Theory, those skilled beings were djinn. The Lemurians and Atlanteans had their societies destroyed by floods and volcanos that disfigured the planet. The use of black and white magic was the last straw before their demise. This violence in their environment, described in Theosophical theory,  is symbolic of an attack against Lemurians and Atlanteans by outside, more potent forces.  The Men, Djinn, & Angels Theory identifies the attackers as angels and Watchers.  I conjecture that the end of the Lemurians and Atlanteans habitat was the beginning of Genesis verse two.  

St. Augustine and the Islamic theory on angels are very similar.  The Creator made angels from light.  When the Creator later calls for light, this – in Men, Djinn & Angels Theory – is a creation of a new class of angels.  These angels, created with specific functions to prevent the djinn from disrupting the connections and flow of energy from the various planes and spheres of the multiverse.  The djinn as Lemurians and Atlanteans, having proven their curiosities to use magic and conduct experiments in their naivety, possessed the power to destroy the entire multiverse.  The Creator, unwilling to allow this, creates angels to protect the sensitivity of the matrix.  The book of Enoch explains how all that who are in the heavens know what is transacted there.  The text confirms that these (angels) consider the days of summer, the sun, the consequence of scorching heat, oceans, and more.  The Book of Jubilees supports that angels function to protect the smallest detail of nature.

After the creation of this second wave of angels, the rebuilding of the earth takes place.  The waters part, and the dry land reappears.  The firmament creates a physical and spiritual barrier around the material world. Then eventually, on the same day, the Creator makes Adam and Lilith.  I mark their creation as the start of what theosophist term the Aryan Age.

When it comes to the destruction of the earth, the Men, Djinn & Angel Theory proposes that the Lemurian race did not die off to make way for the Atlantean.   This separation from theosophy suggests that the Lemurians and the Atlanteans were virtually immortal.  They competed against each other in various ways that were destructive to the multiverse.  Not respecting the boundaries of one universe to the next, they teleported and entangled their spirits simultaneously existing in parallel universes. Their djinn counterparts, later known as Watchers, tried to send warnings, but those warnings failed. Theosophy suggests that the Masters of Ancient Wisdom, from Mars, sent telepathic warnings of pending destruction. In the end, the angels, with the aid of the Watcher’s military, descended and destroyed the djinn habitat.

One of those Watchers was a djinni who was a musician with a lovely voice – honey to the ears.  Among other talents, according to other sources, he was a sky djinni of the 5th heavens and very handsome. While the earth was in the creation phase, he tried to warn the Atlantean sect of djinn not to launch their planned attack on the third heaven. This djinni was later called Iblis.  He has many names, some used interchangeably. When considering the Testament of Solomon, we may conclude that Iblis and Beelzebub are names for Satan.  

The Men, Djinn & Angels Theory suggests that Iblis (Satan) did not participate in the third heaven war.  The masterminds of that war were Vine, Eligos, Focalor, and Bune.  After an attempt failed to get Agaliarept, a Lemurian, on board, the more aggressive Atlantean djinn launched their attack. 

BUNE, or BIME.-The Twenty-sixth Spirit is Bune (or Bim). He is a Strong, Great and Mighty Duke. He appeareth in the form of a Dragon with three heads, one like a Dog, one like a Gryphon, and one like a Man. – From The Lower Keys of Solomon

King Solomon describes Bune as a three-headed dragon with griffin wings. It is reasonable to assume (the revelation chronology aside) that the biblical account of the angel Michael fighting the dragon was not Satan a handsome djinni but Bune a confirmed dragon.   

The Fall of Iblis (Satan) comes later, after the creation of Adam and Lilith.  Iblis refused to submit to the authority of the new manager of the material world.  The Islamic point of view confirms that after the creation of man, all spirits had to, by divine order, accept human authority over the material world.  The djinn, understanding the physiological, mental, emotional, and spiritual design of the new species, realized that men were fundamentally weaker. The submit to human authority order was another slap in the face. The order was too much for Iblis to take, and he refused. “I am made of fire.  He is made from sand.” The djinni’s display of pride and arrogance was his downfall. It was the first act of disobedience in the multiverse. In a rage, he promised to prove that the creation of men and the authority given to human beings are bad ideas.  He vowed to mislead them to destruction.  Now the table is set. The djinn have only disdain for men as they face limited access to the multiverse, a destroyed homeland, and subjectivity to an inferior tyrannical race.  Now comes their strategies to eliminate the human race. 

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