Idoth and Kabeir belong to the malkash species of djinn. They are the offspring of an unlikely pair of spirits – Plio, a rather gentle sea spirit that delights in the struggle one makes to save his life. She enjoys the fish of prey -the sharks specifically. She relishes the hunt and the strike – the sudden display of raw power over life that such creatures have. She is a highly intuitive spirit and often appears to sailors at times just before night fall. It was as that time of the day when she, in a burst of silver fire allowed Res, to pass through her. The djinn not long before – through Agaliarpet’s discovery – learned to use the gift of procreation and as one passed through the next, their energy and spirit matter formed into offspring.

But as the law of fractals did not exclude them, the offspring were not as great as their parents. Each generation of djinn is but a fraction of the generation before it. As for the malkash, they are remarkably smaller than their parents and ten times elusive. Res, a fast traveling spirit, the father of portals may give the illusion that he appears in multiple places at once. For this, he is depicted in the angelic scrolls as having great strength, for he was a powerful ally to Iblis and, during the great war in heaven, struck apprehension in many of the Watchers. The Greek story tellers called him a Titan and gave him the name Atlas because it was misunderstood that the spirit was gifted with enormous strength and held up the sky. He used a square for his symbol which represented his incredible ability to search the world – a trait that was passed on to Kabeir. The square, a symbol of earth, is used until this day.

There were twelve offspring in total from the parents. Seven became famous in Greek literature and the twins are mentioned in various religious text by their earthy names – Kimah and Kesil. Whereas the seven sisters are more recognized as the Pleiades, the Bible books of Job and Amos mention these twins and refer to them in connection with the seven sisters of the Pleiades; responsible in part for the great flood and connected to the Jewish myth concerning a giant bound to the sky, and later associated with Nimrod, whose wife and priests hoped to monopolize all esoteric knowledge. In other words, they hoped to capture the malkash after learning that this race of djinn function as information bearers. There is no secret that a malkash cannot discover and often, they are willing to share their secrets with one who asks. Taking Nimrod’s effort into account with his biblical reputation as the “mighty hunter,” Greeks imbodied Nimrod’s legend and personality into the great hunter Orion; and retold Nimrod’s pursuit of the malkash as Orion’s pursuit of the seven sisters.


Idoth and Kabeir are close reflection of their parents. Idoth having her mother’s incredible ability to use intuition and vision is able to connect with others in such a way that she can hear thoughts and feel her subject’s emotions. Kabeir, like his father is a great seeker. He is excellent at finding lost things and people. Together the twins agree to befriend Yaron – the last Nephilim who was created out of desperation and hopes that he would one day become the djinn’s messiah.
After the ceremony that changed Idoth and Kabeir, separating them from each other, they lived as gabomnoteh spirits – unable to choose their own paths, they are no more than attachments to the life energies of other people. When Kabeir’s host falls asleep and its astral body separates into a dream world within the parameters of any one of our parallel universes, Kabier once outside of the material world is suddenly free to explore and travel. This freedom allows him to reconnect with Yaron; and the spiritual energy that is the Nephilim – separated the same as Idoth and Kabeir, living like a parasite in others. In doing this, Kabeir keeps his promise to look after Yaron even after his physical death. These reconnections permit Kabeir to see Yaron’s soul living and influencing the giants Gorgo and Bilair; the rebel slave Dutty Boukman and Timur the Lame. Kabeir’s host is unaware of Kabeir’s presence becoming familiar with the gabomnoteh’s adventure by means of dreams – often frightening dreams that the host believes are nightmares when in fact, they Kabeir’s memories.

Idoth 2

While Kabeir’s energy moves from one generation of hosts to the next, Idoth does the same. She is dormant for many generations and her hosts are simply seen to be unique and highly intellectual until it by chance happened that she acquired and Assyrian host born to a family of gypsy cons who used her ability; mastering her aid to find wealth and personal achievements. Her contributions are as sinister or heavenly as her host’s intent. She reveals her presence like her twin through a gray shade of eye color as she endlessly reaches out hoping that Kabeir will find her.
Although restrained to her host, she is far from helpless. Sensing that Alex, her host, would kill her, she fought for her survival against him. Alex, aware of what lay inside of him was determined to have no offspring and as a result, the gabomnoteh would not pass to the next generation – its energy would be absorbed in the multiverse – recycled and transformed – such is the death of a spirit. It was one of the few times that Idoth manipulated her host. Causing him to see her memories, Alex saw the ceremony that split her soul. It was difficult for her to conjure the images as a human’s mind functions better with symbols that are on occasion undefined, but she was successful in creating her father’s symbol – the square, a symbolic depiction of Atlas holding the earth on his shoulders. Alex, unaware of the manipulation reaches out to his occult knowledge and practices. The action – sending a spell into the universe is a loud and overt beacon to Kabeir who eventually, in Talib’s body, arrives on the doorsteps of Fiona’s mansion home. The twins are finally reconnected.