Amatrix Angels: Men, Djinn & Angels Theory

We must become aware of our daily obligation to strengthen or sustain the link. Maintaining connectivity happens by clearing the chakras, yoga, meditation, and academic study. It is intensely established by the intentional pursuit of our real purpose. We will inevitably fail ourselves if we do not recognize that the seed planted in each of us, on that forty-ninth day, is medicine for the multiverse.

Men, Djinn & Angel Theory: Human Energy

The Matrix film series portrays human beings as batteries that provide operating energy to machines. The symbolism in those films fits well with the Men, Djinn & Angel Theory. The possibility of energy conversion is not farfetched.  In fact, the Theory explores the possibility of human energy powering parallel universes. The djinni, Agaliarept (some refer… Continue Reading →

Men, Djinn, & Angel Theory: In the beginning

In Men, Djinn & Angels Theory, more than a thousand years passed between Genesis verses one and two. During that time, the djinn inhabited the earth, developed their sects and cultures. We have support for this theory in theosophy. The proponents of theosophy believe that millions of years ago, the earth was inhabited by other life forms – Lemurian and Atlanteans.

Discrimination: Numbers vs. Observation

I looked at some stats related to job market discrimination and found myself at awe by them. The sexy talk is workforce discrimination of women. The stats I saw from multiple sources average a disparity of 81 cents to a dollar. When it comes to promotions, the stats suggest that women are unfairly looked over… Continue Reading →


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