A Fabrication of Racism

Circling back to Mel’s claim about 400 million dollars per year being invested in racially based issues, more groups have taken the market share of financial resources. The NAACP had a 27 million dollar budget in 1999. (Bartlet, 2004)The Antiracist Research & Policy Center received 1.5 million from the Rockefeller Foundation this month (Yahoo News, 2020). Black Lives Matter Global Network manager, Kailee Scales, proclaimed that George Floyd’s death sparked national outrage, “a watershed moment for all black-led groups.” (Loiaconi, 2020). I will admit that watershed doesn’t mean wealth. Still, when we consider that one recent Black Lives Matter petition alone brought in $5 million in online contributions (Loiaconi, 2020), it is safe to assume that Mel is right. Racism is a goldmine.

Never Underestimate The Predictability Of Stupidity

He “educated”– or miseducated– his African American audience, claiming that Donald Trump appointed 198 judges, and that among them, not one is African American. There is no other way to say it; the reverend LIED.

Amatrix Angels: Men, Djinn & Angels Theory

We must become aware of our daily obligation to strengthen or sustain the link. Maintaining connectivity happens by clearing the chakras, yoga, meditation, and academic study. It is intensely established by the intentional pursuit of our real purpose. We will inevitably fail ourselves if we do not recognize that the seed planted in each of us, on that forty-ninth day, is medicine for the multiverse.


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