Where Men, Djinn, & Angels: Awakening really shines is in the worldbuilding. Morris thoroughly researched numerous historical events and movements when crafting this story, and it shows. The inclusion of referenceATAI 4 Stars 900s to so many historical moments helps in the creation of a vast conspiracy that is the basis for much of Talib’s current situation. The rich tapestry of historical events and world mythologies that Morris weaves is really something to behold. Men, Djinn, & Angels: Awakening is an intriguing beginning to what may prove to be a well-thought out, meticulously crafted, fictional commentary on modern society.

Author Talk About It Review

This is a good story, it kept me interested and it was hard to put down. It was very detailed – I like details.
Jazmine Mitts

Can’t wait for part 2

I was left hanging at the end. The story gives a very interesting point of view from the Palestinian perspective concerning the Middle East conflict. That is a very sad reality, that gripped my heart. I really fealty sad for Talib. I also wanted to do research on the historical connections because I am interested in knowing if the United Nations is part of a conspiracy from secret societies. If that is true and World War I was started in order to create the United Nations – WOW! The Central Banks, all of this is good stuff and I like how it fits together. I am interested in seeing where this will all lead.
– Kenneth Ware

Very interesting book