Free Masonry

For a child related to a Free Mason, there is not much to know other than that he was my uncle, he had a nice car, he bought new cars for my aunt.  He had an upright posture and was thought to be an intellectual.  There were a few self-made intellectuals in the family, those who had come from Mississippi and taught themselves how to read and learned mathematics by means of their own tenacity.  But my uncle was educated formally.  He was the high school star basketball player who was cool enough to get one of the most attractive cheerleaders.  He had a rather sophisticated decorum in public, dressed well – like a business man, and spoke to me as if he expected me to know things that I didn’t always know.  He was the one who taught me how to write a cover letter and resume.  He gave me tips on interviews.  He told me to get into sales because salesmen who were well developed were priceless in the business world.