Face Of A Beautiful Brunette Woman

When Kate was born, Geoffrey, her mother’s brother was most interested in seeing her eyes. He wanted to know if they were brown, like most of their family members, or gray like her mother’s. He knew, like everyone in the family, that those who had gray eyes were born with the gift – the gabamnoteh that made one clairvoyant. To her mother’s relief, Kate’s eyes were not gray. She was “normal,” so they thought. Little did they know, although Kate may not have been born with the gift, she was possessed something else: a strong and earthy will. It was impossible to push her into anything, but once she became infatuated and made a commitment to the study of the spirit world, there was no stopping her from becoming the most wily and capable woman in their family history.
Her tenacious soul makes her an unyielding student of the art. Under Mumar’s tutoring, Kate made her first transition into the astral plane at ten years old. She used the rope method when she climbed out of her material body and through the ceiling of the search room, where members went to call upon the spirits. Her astral frame was no larger than a four-year-old child. It was curious and projected a pale sage aura. Kate found herself walking through a tunnel made of rocks and mud. The tunnel was dark but not far ahead was an opening that was illuminated by a bright, blinding orange light. She walked toward the light, her tiny, bare feet taking over the brittle floor of the cave and with each step rose an illumination that matched her aura. When she reached the end of the cave, she was met with figure that sat on the back of what appeared to be a horse. It was like no horse she had ever seen. It had the face, nose, eyes and ears of a normal horse, but ivory ram’s horns projected from behind its ears, curving backward. It seemed to have snow white fur. Its rider had the shape and appearance of a woman, enveloped in silky, golden garments that draped over the horse’s sides. The horse rider held a staff in her right hand, and with the left, she took hold of the reins of the horse. It had long gray hair that fell over its back and it eyes matched.
Kate was not frightened by the pair of creatures as they seemed to have no aggression. “Are you an angel?” she asked.
The horse rider nodded.
“What is your name?”
The rider did not answer.
“Do you have a name?”
The rider nodded.
“Will you tell me?”
The rider shook it’s head, no.
“Why not?”
She leaned over the side of the horse, glaring into Kate’s eyes. Its mouth did not move, but its thoughts penetrated Kate’s mind. If I speak to you, you will surely die. I am here to guard your soul whenever you are here. So long as you make no packs with the shaitans, I am your friend.
Kate did not know what a shaitan was. She also understood that the words entering her mind were not her own. She had never conceived the words from another who did not move their lips. The fact that she could process the horse rider’s thoughts without hearing her speak the words was frightening. Kate felt weak and her legs gave way, making her buckle and fall.
“You must leave,’ said the angel. “This place is too dangerous for you.”
Kate, hearing these words, turned toward the mouth of the cave. It was dark, but the footsteps she made remained illuminated. She crawled at first, and then stood. Her legs shook under her and she realized she did not know how to return. She buckled and fell once again but the angel did not move into the cave. It was at that time that Kate felt overcome with warmth and as she looked forward into the dark cave, she noticed a shadow moving toward her. The sight of another moving figure was frightening and with that, she became paralyzed. The angel remained at the mouth of the cave and Kate was confused at how was it her friend and protector is if allowed her to lay immobile while a scary dark figure advanced toward her. She turned on her back and called to the angel, “Help me.”
At that very moment a familiar voice spoke. “It’s Ok. I am here.” It was Mumar’s voice. He had entered the astral world to rescue Kate from the cave. “Count with me,” he said and began to count backward. By the time, Kate reached three, she could hear her voice with her physical ears. She was saved and had reunited her spirit with her material body.
After Mumar rewarded Kate with a golden coin and taught her to use the token to discern between the physical universe and all those that entwined with it, she inquired about the experience. Mumar explained that when the conscious energy leaves the physical body it clouded logic and reasoning. Although it has separated, there is a thin line, an energy line that provides an energetic nutrition that allows the conscious energy of the mind to function. Through this supply chain, reciprocal energy returns to the body. If the body reads this reciprocal energy as dangerous or as an emotional stimulant, that energy is withdrawn because it is interpreted by the astral body as a weakness. This weakness has a paralyzing effect. The astral body becomes lethargic and non-functional.
Kate swore that what happened in the cave would not happen to her again. She swore that she would work endlessly to learn and make her astral body more powerful than the angel she met in the cave that day. In this, she did not fail. In her astral form, Kate is nothing shy of an uncontested warrior, committed to, if nothing else, the protection of her sister, Fiona.