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Fiona the Psychic
Sarah and her husband, Dan are only thirty minutes away from home when their car slides off the icy road, twice flips over, and crashes into a snow filled ditch.  When Theodore and Daniel arrive at the hospital, terror rips their souls apart; they learn that Dan does not survive –his neck snapped.  Sarah, their sister, remains alive and the fear of her injuries becomes centered on her pregnancy.  She is in her last trimester – just three weeks before her expected delivery date and now, there is need to have an emergency delivery as the doctor fears that any medication given to the mother would have a devastating impact on the child.  Daniel agrees and permits the doctor to perform the cesarean.  But there is an additional danger; the mother is so injured that her chance of survival is dramatically decreased by the c-section.  Still Daniel agrees to proceed – hoping that for the sake of the brotherhood, the child has the same gift of clairvoyance that belongs to Sarah.
    When Fiona is born, Daniel sees her ash-gray eyes are like her mother’s, and he knows at this moment that she has the gift.  It is understood by Daniel, from many years of research and study, that those family members born with gray eyes are gifted with the gabamnoteh.  This gabamnoteh is a conscious energy that has survived for three thousand years by moving from one host to the next upon conception.  This ancient fragment of a timeless spirit endows its host with an enhanced psychic ability making the host clairvoyant.
Sarah’s condition never improves and within a week, she dies – leaving Daniel, the eldest brother, responsible for the two girls she leaves behind.  Accepting the responsibility is the least that Daniel feels he should do, and he develops a plan to make Fiona, the most capable psychic the family has ever seen.  Together with her older sister, Kate, they make a pair of esoteric patrons with an uncanny connection to the spirit realms.  She is tutored by Mumar, a very well read and practiced member of the Enlightened Titans who vowed to guide the team of sisters to their successful end where they expect to reincarnate the soul of a Nephilim adolescent, lost long ago.  Fiona is well protected by Daniel, a military minded and extremely disciplined man.  As a child, Daniel witnessed the turmoil that his sister, Sarah faced as a clairvoyant.  She was plagued by the thoughts, emotions, and oftentimes the words of other people came at her – invading her mind uninvited.  She suffered from nightmares where she felt other people’s pains and saw their sufferings.
    Able to protect Fiona, when he could not do the same for Sarah, Daniel makes the mansion a fortress for his nieces.  He limits their exposure to the outside and spares no expense in bringing the world to them.  They want for nothing.  Despite this, he cannot completely protect Fiona from the troubles of her psychic ability.  The nightmares come from time to time and the fears persist as she, with Mumar’s help, slowly learns to control the uninvited voices and visions.  She often feels more comfortable with the spirits in their world and as a result, Fiona leaps from the physical into the other planes of the multiverse.  She was the first to ever extend her consciousness beyond the astral realm into the angelic Causal plane— also called the celestial plane– and the demonic Devachosic plane.  Fiona has even made visits to the Mental and Messianic planes providing valuable information to Mumar who attempts to map out the multiverse.  In this, she discovers that each plane has rules similar to the physical plane, but different in many other ways.  In the Causal plane, she discovered the power to create wings and defy gravity like the angels.  As she struggles to learn the laws of each plane of the multiverse, Mumar and Kate attempt to pilot her to locate a connection to the original power given to men.  
On the other hand, Fiona has discovered that her psychic, clairvoyant abilities are empowered beyond the physical plane.  She has the ability to “read” the spirits and learn their intentions or conscious will.  This however, poses a danger to her as many spirits, those powerful ones who understand that clairvoyant energy is a cord that connects the clairvoyant to the spirit and as such, there are those who once aware of the connection can equally pull from her as she takes from them.  Her powers are vast, yet they are not used void of consequence.